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"Why Belize? That’s the question so many asked when we announced our destination for our vacation in February. Unless you are a dedicated diver/snorkeler, it seems that most sun worshippers have yet to discover this paradise and many don’t even know where it is..... After a short ride through the lagoon, we’re heading out to a spot where Bicho has created an underwater “shelter” to attract fish. We no sooner cast towards the dark area in a sea of turquoise when the fish start striking. It’s pretty much non-stop action from then on."
New York

"Was raining when we went out and got the Sardines, but it was warm and I was in my swimsuit, so who cares ~ I'm in Paradise!!!! Capt. Bicho asked what I wanted to fish for and I told him Barracuda, so off we went out by the reef. Well, hubby caught the 1st two (smaller) Barracuda, I wasn't even getting a nibble, now this didn't make me happy, so I started saying here fishy fishy, Capt. & Jr. were laughing at me, well, next thing you know I caught a 4'Barracuda, and they laughed and said my strategy worked, then I caught a Red Snapper and then a Gar, my hubby and I also caught Yellow Snapper and he caught 2 small Grouper on the same bait! Too funny! Next, Jr., diving in looking for Lobster, came up with about a dozen, how Capt. knows exactly where to go is beyond me, said someone had stolen his traps :-( . He took us to the Lion's Club Park, where he cooked us the most incredible lunch! Was the best meal we had all week! Then while we snorkeled, he finished cleaning the rest of the fish and sent a baggy full with us for a different day. Well, 2 days later we took it to Tippy at Taste Of Thailand and she cooked it 4 different ways (this was our 2nd & 3rd best meals). She made it Sweet n' Sour, Curried, Broiled w/Red Wine, and Fried w/Minced Chicken! There was so much, that 2 of the ways she cooked it she boxed up and gave us each a container of rice to take back to hotel with us, and John bless his heart gave us a ride back to the motel on his golf cart! What wonderful people they all were. Will fish again w/Capt. Bicho & Jr. next year and take our extra fish back to Tippy! We had the most incredible week in AC, we have been searching for about 6 yrs. for a piece of paradise and we found it in Belize! As I said we have our room booked for next year, and just maybe you'll be in AC while we're there and we can fish together! Hope you had a good tip to Japan. Thanks for inquiring about our trip! Will continue to read your reports on the message board! Hope you enjoyed the pics, wish I wasn't so computer illiterate and could post them on the board, but it's a new camera and still trying to figure everything out!"
The Coco Lady
"This was our second trip to Ambergris Caye and our day with Bicho and his son Nesta was more than we could have ever imagined! Bicho and his son made the day so enjoyable. We caught a TON of fish; 8 different varieties in all. Watching, and sometimes diving with, Nesta to catch conch and lobster was an awesome experience. Snorkeling at Hol Chan/Shark Ray was fantastic, and eating fresh fish and lobster at the Beach BBQ was delicious! In the 14 days we've spent on Ambergris, this day ranks as probably the best island experience we've had. This day had it all - fishing, snorkeling, and a wonderful meal. Without a doubt we will book a day with Bicho for all our return trips to the island."
James & Heather
Houston, TX
"Fishing with Captain Bicho was one of the highlights of our trip. This was my wife's first saltwater fishing excursion and she had a blast. Bicho and Nesta made sure that she was comfortable with the equipment and that her hook was always baited. She ended up catching more fish than I did! One thing I'd like to point out is that Bicho is a very accommodating guide. I love to fish but I don't like to eat fish. Captain Bicho was nice enough to bring and cook some chicken so I could enjoy the beach barbeque as much as everyone else enjoyed the fish they caught."
Charlie and LeAnne
Houston, TX
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